Community Integrated Services

Our company is based on the foundation that our community is one of inclusion, specifically for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  We oppose racism, hatred, and intolerance.

As co-founders of CIS, we believe the world is filled with people who genuinely want to create an equitable society but perhaps are unsure on how to take the first step to make that happen.  As leaders who truly care, we feel the responsibility to not just talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion but to also make meaningful contributions through our own actions, including how we operate at CIS. Our management team and employee base continue to support diversity in race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and abilities.  Within our agency community, we absolutely have the potential to be and do better.  We all have habits we need to break, biases we need to actively fight, and silence we need to end.

We can certainly learn from what is happening around us and will do everything we can to be part of changing the future for our colleagues, clients, employees, and the greater society and community as a whole.

With Great Hope,
Janell and Charlie

Hope for a more fulfilling life

Community Integrated Services (CIS) is a human service agency committed to serving adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral issues—and helping them thrive. Our programs focus on creating and maintaining dynamic living arrangements that are tailored to their unique and changing needs. CIS combines professional experience and extensive knowledge with deep compassion and understanding for the most vulnerable members of our community.